halo or: why i hate kids

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Admittedly, the new Halo game is the most fun game I’ve played for a while. I always enjoy them and now that I’ve got friends to play with online, it’s even better. The campaign is great, the story is well written, and the graphics are impressive.

But then, there’s the multiplayer.

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s amazing. The types of games are varied and the maps are different and numerous. For the life of me, I could only find one problem with the multiplayer aspect of the game, but it’s a glaring problem that almost ruins the entire experience.

They let children play this game.

There is nothing like having someone beat you at a game, and then run up to shove their character’s crotch in your dead character’s face. Having children call you the n word or the f word just because you’re not as good as they are at a game that they stay home all day to play. Or, if you do happen to beat them at their own game, you get called the same names.

I’ve never seen so many poor sports and so much bad attitude. After what must have been the 100th insult from someone who’s testicles have yet to descend, it hit me.. I paid for this. I paid sixty five dollars to be put down by a child.

So yeah, I suppose the joke’s on me.

And society.

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