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I know a huge portion of you have never worked in the mental health field, and I debated whether or not to do this comic - as I thought it might alienate those not familiar with the topic of Medicaid fraud.. But, in the end, I decided to go for it.

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but at the agencies I’ve worked for, I’ve had so much information and so many warnings about fraud stuffed down my throat that it just nearly seems comical. Basically, what it boils down to is this: Don’t charge for counseling you’re not doing. Simple enough, but apparently it’s a big enough issue that yearly we have to sign forms promising not to do it, and yet we still get inundated with the aforementioned warnings and information.

It reminds me of a roommate I used to have. For a period of his life (before we lived together, sadly) he was employed as a cart pusher by Walmart. It didn’t take him long enough to realize that while the cart pushers perform a very important job, they’re not considered important enough to get micromanaged by the busy CSM’s inside.

So, after a working there for a while, he realized he could get to work, clock in, and then go straight back home. Somehow, the other cart pushers pulled enough of their own weight, and the customers never went too long without fresh carts, that he got away with this for something like a month.

True, eventually, they caught on, confronted him, and told him that he wasn’t welcome to work at any more Walmarts, but for that glorious month, he was gainfully (well..) employed as a cart pusher, all while doing nothing but sleeping and watching television in his own home.

That’s the jackpot, my friends.

But yeah, back to Medicaid fraud.. No, Kevin and I haven’t ever had this conversation. In our world (community mental health), there’s too little time in the day and too many clients to see for us to actually steal hours here and there.. but we all know Kevin’s a dreamer.

..a dreamer who hits you really hard when you threaten his dream.

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