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I feel like today’s comic is a bit of an homage to the classic SNL celebrity Jeopardy skit. But I feel like I changed the idea enough to keep things fresh.

Actually, I can see Kevin really doing this in real life. He’s quite the office prankster.

One time, he filled another therapist’s office up with balloons.

Another time, he covered most of my office with post-it notes.

And then this one time, he got black out drunk and called our boss, pretending to be me. Cussing him out and describing such depraved sexual acts that my boss had to google half of what Kevin said just to understand what he was hearing.

Ok well, he didn’t really do that third one - but you get my drift.

I set a grass fire last night and had to call the fire department.

I know that has nothing to do with the comic or anything else I had said up until this point.. but I just wanted to add it in.

..So you guys can feel like you know more about the real me.

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