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If you didn’t know, I put these comics up the night before the day they’re actually supposed to be updated. Since I moved the comic day to Wednesday, my comics always go up sometime on Tuesday night.

By Monday night this week, I had nothing. I knew that I wanted to do something Batman themed, but that was it.

So, I texted both Adam and Kevin. This has happened before - I’ve turned to them when I had comic-block.

Sometimes they’ve delivered.

Sometimes, they give me ideas like dick-corgis and I have to scramble to come up with my own ideas in the nick of time.

(though, admittedly.. the dick corgi number 400 comic might have been one of my more popular comics as of late..)

Either way.. Normally, if I do get a reply, it’s from just one of them. I cast my net into both pools hopeful, but normally only one comes through.

This time, I got back two solid comic ideas.

Kevin is mostly responsible for today’s comic idea.

I say ‘mostly’ responsible because his text reply to my request was:

“I’m brain storming so bear? bare? With me... How about ‘hey going to the new batman movie’ yada yada. ‘got this awesome batman utility belt for the show’ then something like ‘there was so much blood’ or you stuck from the ceiling or something like that.”

God love the kid, he’s trying.

Moments later, Adam and his girlfriend Kelsey (but mostly Kelsey..) sent me this idea for how to get a guaranteed front-row seat at the premiere.

Again, another good idea.

Eventually, I went with Kevin’s idea. Not because I thought it was funnier, but because it was Monday night, and I didn’t want to stay up until three in the morning drawing an auditorium full of people for Kelsey’s idea. Kevin’s idea cracked me up, don’t get me wrong.. but I thought Kelsey’s was great as well.

..and yeah, I’m kind of hoping she’ll forgive me for not using it since I linked it here so the world could still see it.

Since you know, the whole world reads this site...

Anyways.. Tomorrow’s the big day/night. The third and final Nolan Batman installment comes out. I’ve got my midnight ticket. I’ve taken Friday off work.

All is right with the world.

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