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I thought it had probably been long enough since the last time that I did a comic that was a little off the wall.

Because sometimes you have to go back to your roots.

I want to say how much I appreciate the feedback and emails I got last week after I put on here that I had gotten engaged to my girlfriend. It was so nice seeing emails from you guys wishing us well. Each one made my day.

This comic.. well, yeah. I think it speaks for itself.

It’s so strange to go back to the first Harry Potter movies and seeing them all as kids knowing that Hermione was going to grow into a fox and Harry was going to show his dong on stage during a play.

They grow up so fast..

I guess it does feel a little wrong to think Emma Watson is hot. I mean, she was 21 when the last Harry Potter movie came out, so I’m in the clear (thank you IMDB) but still.. watching a kid actress grow up and then finding them attractive just feels a little perv-ish.

..But when has feeling a little perv-ish ever stopped me from saying what was on my mind.

Oh right, every day.

You guys have no idea how many thoughts I hold in.

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