Free digital version of the new book!

Between now and next Wednesday, the kindle version of ‘The New Dog – A Story About Friendship’ will be free on Amazon!

Get it while you can.

If you enjoy the book, consider buying a paper copy for any little ones in your life. Also, if you buy the book or get it for free, please rate it on Amazon, that really helps.

New book is out now!

Hey guys, I’ve been working like crazy to get this new book together!

The New Dog – A Story About Friendship is the tale of Sandy the dog. Sandy’s world is absolutely perfect. She likes her home, she likes her owners, she likes her life. But, when a new face shows up in her world – things get very different, very quickly.

In this book, children will learn about friendship, acceptance, and how simply being yourself is the best thing you can be.

Watch your child learn with Sandy how friendships can’t be forced, and how simply taking the time to learn about others can open up a world of possibilities!

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Also, if you buy the paperback version, you now get the kindle version for free!