499. Something new

This may or may not be, but mostly is, a true story.

Honestly, I don’t know how most couples do it.

- Go to bed early, I mean.

The nights fly by so fast! After we get home from whatever activity the kids do, or whatever we have planned each evening, put the kids in the shower, get them ready for bed, and then possibly watch one show together, Shelly and I often don’t take a breath until 11.

I hear couples talk about going to bed at 9 or 10, and it just seems so.. alien.

My final comic is coming up next week and after putting a lot of work into it, I’m actually finished with it and ready to post it when the time comes. It’s very bittersweet, though. Truth be told, I’m not quitting comics entirely, just making them with any regularity. That, and I’m not making comics about my life anymore.

I’ll keep the site up, and I’ll post random observational comics or strange ideas from time to time – it’s just now, instead of checking it once a week, it’ll be like nice little treats throughout the year.

..for my wife and parents to compliment me on, and for most other people to have forgotten about by the time they go up.

I think it’s for the best, though. This has been such a (mostly) fun experience, making comics. I’m so excited to see where things go after this.