485. Oh baby baby

I have a very strange brother.

Thankfully, this makes for some pretty great comic ideas.

Some people get random texts from their siblings saying things like “Hey, you should see the new Captain America movie. It’s really good!”

..or “What should we get mom for her birthday, it’s coming up?”

Not me though.

I get texts about pregnant babies.

So thank you Adam, for yet another comic idea.

484. Anarchia

I’m so glad my brother and his girlfriend have started watching Sons of Anarchy. One, because it’s an amazing show and two, because it caused his girlfriend Kelsey to come up with this amazing idea. Now, all I want to see is a Vespa gang.

In other news..

Today’s comic is number four hundred and eighty four.

Working on this comic has been such an experience. It’s been fun, disheartening, empowering, and a wonderful outlet for the last five and a half years of my life.

However, I think it’s time to move on to something new.

With that being said, for all intents and purposes, Narcolepsy Incorporated will be ending after I finish my 500th comic. At one comic a week, that’s still a short while off, but I felt the need to make it known that that day is coming.

I’m not going to stop drawing, and truth be told, I’ll probably make comics from time to time.

I’ll keep the website up, and post stuff sporadically – but I’ll be spending the majority of my free time working on other projects.

We’ll talk more about this as number 500 gets closer.

As always, thanks for reading.