428. Hair

I’ve been experimenting with comics lately – trying more than my usual four frame jobs just to see if I can concentrate the joke into fewer words. I’ve noticed that my internet-lazy brain is often put off by comics inundated with words, so I’m trying to make sure nobody writes off my work for the same reason.

Still trying to get a feel for the new site. I didn’t think of a motivation last week (as you might have noticed) so instead of trying to think of something last minute and throw it up, I opted to just not put one up. And really, initially the motivations were supposed to be a once in a while sort of thing. I just kept getting ideas (admittedly some better than others) and putting them up week after week.

Been doing a lot of side projects for friends lately and one or two for myself. It’s kind of bittersweet. I spend so much time drawing and usually that means I can breathe easy on the comic for a few weeks. But this, doing work for friends, I spend a ton of time drawing and then occasionally it hits me that I still have work to do on the site.

Who am I kidding though? I absolutely love side projects.

So yeah, this week’s comic is just a strange phrase that I’ve heard so many women in my life say about other women’s hair. I thought it would be funny to see what happened if someone took them literally. Because honestly, my mom has curly hair and if she had been called on every time she said she’d kill for straight hair, she’d be a stone cold killer.

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