429. The sex dream

The (intended) humor of this joke isn’t that Kevin is homophobic or that Alex is acting like he’s gay. Let’s just get that out of the way. What’s funny to me about this idea is how awkward it is to have a sex dream about someone you have to see at work the next day – and how much more so it would be if they found out.

..and even more so, if they were your best friend.

Oh, and I totally used SpongeBob for inspiration on a couple of frames here. I’m not ashamed.

Been a hectic past couple of months, getting ready to move (read that as: saying “I really need to start packing.” over and over for the past couple of weeks). We’re supposed to close on the new house the second weekend of February, which will be here in no time. I’m thinking that one of the next weeks, there might not be a comic just because I’ll be packing things up, which obviously includes the computer.

I’ll let you know.

Please don’t lose any sleep over it.

No, seriously. Calm down.

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