432. Choose your own adventure

Well, I’m back. The move went as smoothly as a move can go and we’ve started the year long process of unpacking.

Also, we’ve found out that the amount of furniture that made my apartment look fully furnished is just enough to look like we’re “doing alright….” in the new house. We need some new stuff.

Thankfully, we do have enough to get by and plenty of time to save up and get it.

So yeah, today’s comic is an idea I had the other day when I was trying to explain to Shelly what Choose Your Own Adventure books were. I was mortified to find out that her childhood had gone by without her experiencing the magic of a book that lets YOU pick the outcome. Or at least a book that lets you make decisions and then go back to cheat if that decision sucks.

And it turns out that a ton of people have no idea what these books are. I asked around at the office and it seemed like we were split down the middle.

So if today’s comic makes sense for you, then good. If it doesn’t, then I’m so, so sorry for your childhood.

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