What is Narcolepsy Incorporated?

Narcolepsy Incorporated is a webcomic that gets updated every Wednesday.

Started in December of 2008, Narcolepsy Incorporated began as a comic/blog about stick figures with some pretty messed up issues.

Over time, it blossomed into a colored, roughly drawn cartoon exaggerating situations from my life through college and eventually into to the roller-coaster world of community mental health.

The Characters


The artist of the comic, Alex is a therapist with some serious superego issues of his own.

Sometimes neurotic, often worried – Alex strives to find the balance between dealing with the regularly less than perfect line of work he’s chosen for his life and his man-child brain’s desire for adventure.


Alex’s college student little brother spends most of his time trying to create the ideal college experience – using mainly R rated teen comedies as inspiration.

Crashing at his brother’s apartment on school holidays and vacations, Adam never ceases to be surprised at the hedonistic exploits his older sibling and his best friend get themselves mixed up in.


Substance abuse counselor extraordinaire, Kevin spends more nights than not out at the bar “conducting research”.

He’s been to Iraq twice, channels Al Pacino when he’s drunk, and is hard at work to slowly saw his bedpost off with notches chronicling the numerous women he’s bedded.

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